"For a company of our size, access to fast and knowledgeable expertise is crucial once the need arises"

– Coop


At the Christmas of 2017, we at PeopleProvide appointed an HR consultant to Coop, who would work on a strategically important and business-critical project regarding a reorganization, which would last for a couple of months. It did not go as planned, when the consultant unfortunately became ill after two months and had to cancel the assignment in the middle of the project’s most intensive period, Coop stood completely without resources.


After only two days, we at PeopleProvide were able to appoint a new consultant who could quickly get to grips with the project and immediately show up on site. According to Peter Rosendahl, business area director of supply chain and logistics, this transition was very successful and safe: “It is an advantage to work with a consulting company that can deliver quickly even when there are sudden changes.”


Due to continued trust from our customer – when neither business nor employees were affected – the project could continue according to the previous project plan.

Furthermore, PeopleProvide always works with the intention of being our customers’ long-term partner, where the prerequisite for success is to have good customer insight. This is something that we at PeopleProvide and Coop have worked on together. Our collaboration enables effective matching between the right skills and needs.

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