Business-driven & sustainable HR

We give our customers the power and knowledge to develop profitably and sustainably, with business-driven HR competence. Simple and Committed.


HR-Interim Consultant

We offer operational and strategic HR consultants matched to your company’s needs.

With the right skills, experience and personality, they give you added value and relief where you need it, so you can focus on the business.


HR Recruitment

We start from your business and your challenges. We remain in dialogue with you until we understand your business, organization, challenges and competence needs and thus create a consensus for our collaboration. By also remaining in the dialogue with possible candidates until we understand how well they fit your needs


HR business support

Do you have personnel responsibilities but don’t have the time? Perhaps you are the CEO of a small company without an HR department? Or is the company in a growth or change phase? There are many occasions when it is important to get the right and fast support in various HR matters.

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Our best tips for you who want to work successfully with strategic, business-driven & sustainable HR initiatives.

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