Business-driven & sustainable HR tips

Our best tips for you who want to work successfully with strategic, sustainable and business-driven HR initiatives with profitability in focus and in accordance with the three P’s – “Planet, People, Profit”

Together we do better

Today, it is more urgent than ever for companies and organizations to take concrete measures to reduce their climate impact on products and services. An important, long-term way to develop businesses is to become more sustainable, while not losing focus on profitability.

For the business and the planet

At PeopleProvide, we are specialists in HR. Many of our HR initiatives that we do together with our customers have a direct impact and benefit a business-driven and sustainable organization. We can help you based on your company’s conditions and needs with sustainable and business-driven HR activities.

We provide our best sustainability tips to you who are the CEO, HR or internal influencer, that help who have consumer power in a decision-making position, to steer future projects to benefit your business – but also for the business and the planet.


Your business

  • Create more sustainable alternatives and use these as a competitive advantage.
  • Create your own alternative services or goods that are more sustainable.
  • Collaborate with other organizations to jointly create new sustainable services, products and system solutions.
  • Improve and influence your suppliers with updated purchasing requirements that consider sustainability, ethics and working conditions.


Management& organization

  • Prepare and encourage your management regarding sustainability reporting. Be prepared for legislation to be adjusted, including certain penalties.
  • Tip the board on adding sustainability to the agenda (for those who do not yet have it).
  • Feel free to look at large listed companies that prepare their reports based on increased sustainability, where many of the HR key figures that are reported today may be expanded with more key figures for diversity.
  • Decide what applies to purchases, requirements labeling, recycling, etc.
  • Make decisions about how to handle surpluses, regardless of whether it concerns food, computers, furniture or parts of your production.
  • Social responsibility (long-term and sustainable)
  • Work to promote a fossil-free future. Hope provides opportunities and therefore we want to remind you of “Removement” and their newsletter which gives hope for the future and tells about how we can help and contribute to new research and innovative solutions to capture carbon dioxide emissions.


HR initiative that createsbusiness-driven & sustainable companies

  • Diversity and gender equality create sustainable and business-driven companies. How can you improve your ongoing work?
  • Strategic competence development that is sustainable and based on your own internal needs to work more long-term.
  • Education in sustainability. Maybe there is internal skills or maybe you give the HR manager the responsibility for sustainability in the business.
  • Your systematic work on work environment. Develop concrete activities to reduce the company’s own footprint. Maybe by reviewing how you travel, your fleet of cars, the possibility of bicycle allowance, etc.
  • Work environment initiatives based on the employees’ health. What are you doing today, what can you do more of and what new initiatives can you create?
  • We measure our success as a consulting company in how much of our time contributes to the global sustainability goals and as such we will designate some focus areas for 2022. Which ones will you take?


"We hope that our tips, based on our knowledge and experience, will inspire and create conditions to find new ways and mindsets in your company as well."

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