"For a company of our size, access to fast and knowledgeable expertise is crucial once the need arises"

– Agora


The company needed to carry out a comprehensive reorganization to meet the changing needs of the market for flexibility and competence. The company places high demands on labor law competence and was in this phase too small to be able to have an HR manager employed.


We worked closely together according to the established project plan to ensure that all steps were performed, from job descriptions to relocation investigations and negotiation protocols. A Group of Retail Assets Sweden AB does not have a collective agreement, which means a larger number of negotiating parties in the event of reorganization that can lead to a shortage of work and that it is easy to lose control. Through our broad competence, PeopleProvide was able to relieve both the preparation and updating of job descriptions as well as project managers and negotiation support in all labor law aspects that arise in the event of a reorganization.


The collaboration between PeopleProvide and A Group of Retail Assets Sweden AB has been characterized by high commitment and a high degree of professionalism.

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