"The challenge was to establish processes for the new region and to build structures in a long-term manner."

– Exela Technologies


When establishing a new company in a country, many questions arise that can feel difficult to both understand and have time for. Banctec also needed to build an intranet for the new region (a total of 4 countries) and adapt policies to the new geographical landscape.


PeopleProvide’s senior employment law consultant relieved our client during the hectic period from the preparation phase via the takeover and implementation phase of an acquisition.


A strong trust between the parties was established during the process and PeopleProvide became a professional and committed HR partner on this challenging journey. The acquisition processes were successful due to correct analysis, structured merger process and an active and well-thought-out communication in accordance with the legislation of different countries. By being on site with the customer, the expertise remained in the company, which then could continue to deliver high productivity.

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