"PeopleProvide is a driven team that quickly gets to grips with the business and delivers."

– Interflora


After a major transformation and change of skills, the company’s challenge was to be able to meet increased HR requirements. In this phase, the company was too small to be able to hire a full-time HR manager.


In collaboration with Interflora, we found that a combined HR solution was the most effective alternative. On the one hand, we mediated a senior HR manager according to Interflora’s HR needs and on the other hand, we helped with extra HR support during later recruitment processes.


From day one, the collaboration between PeopleProvide and Interflora AB has been simple, efficient and informal, says CEO Magdalena Persson. This resulted in immediate relief for the management. The solution with an external HR manager with senior competence has streamlined the change work because a consultant is in an independent position with the CEO and other managers.

Several new competencies in the new management team that were appointed had an indirect effect on production and sales increased by about 16% in just two years. “We will always outsource our HR”, states CEO Magdalena Persson after more than 2 years with an external HR partner.

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