“We got more than we expected”

– Stockholm Chamber of Commerce


The Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (Handelskammaren) requested strategic HR competence as several managers were new and all managers have the operational HR responsibility for their teams.


PeopleProvide conducted an HR audit where they analyzed the HR processes and other personnel-related documents as well as identified risks. The audit revealed some areas for improvement, and suggestions for measures to address the shortcomings were made. Proposals were also made on how coordination of the HR processes can be implemented so that they fully support the business goals.

We are very satisfied with the HR audit. It was of high quality and we got much more out of it than we had thought, says Christine Rydberg, CFO and administrative manager at the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce.


Through PeopleProvide’s HR audit, risks were identified and action proposals were presented. As a result of these measures, the Chamber of Commerce currently employs ongoing HR support and continues to work on the action plan at the same time as the managers receive the correct HR support.

HR strategist one day a week

The Chamber of Commerce also decided to hire an HR consultant from PeopleProvide. The consultant was hired as an HR strategist with responsibility for providing support for strategic and organizational HR issues as well as supporting the managers in the organization. The HR consultant was also given the responsibility for implementing some of the measures recommended in the HR audit.

For example, a salary survey was carried out with the support of the HR consultant. The salary policy was updated and improved templates for employment contracts were developed. The HR strategist has made suggestions for improvements in the employee handbook and has also been helpful with job descriptions. The next step will be to prepare a plan for the strategic work environment process.

Focus on driving the business towards goals

PeopleProvide offered us an HR consultant with just the right skills at short notice. Now that we have senior HR competence in place one day a week, managers can get the support they need to handle HR issues correctly and uniformly. They get more time to run and develop the business according to the goals and guidelines we have, says Christine Rydberg.

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