"Hiring PeopleProvide reduced the risk of us making mistakes."

– Zapper


After a period, the owners decided that they would no longer keep the Swedish company. CEO Johan Lindström – who had never before handled redundancies to this extent, faced new challenges. He needed to dismiss everyone but also knew that it was important for all parties that it was done correctly. With regard to the employees, that legal requirements were complied with and to maintain the company’s brand.


We solved this challenge by assisting Zapper Marketing Sweden with HR expertise in the form of termination and handling of trade union negotiations that were needed to finalize the company. Our Senior HR consultant with long experience and a pragmatic attitude, acted as a sounding board and advisor to the CEO in this work but also in the operational work with negotiations.


A strong trust between the parties was established during the work and PeopleProvide became a professional and committed HR partner in this challenging journey, all the way. When Johan thinks back on the journey of building and closing down Zapper Marketing Sweden, he feels content. “Without the help from PeopleProvide, both the start-up and the closure could have been a big burden for me as CEO. Hiring PeopleProvide reduced the risk of us making mistakes.” With safe and quality-assured support from PeopleProvide, all processes were handled correctly and simple mistakes could be avoided.

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